StudioGerART | About me
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Studio GerART is an initiative of Gerard Loosschilder, a seasoned market research professional with 25+ years of experience. I am a one-man band who has learned (sometimes the hard way) that I do not know it all but there is always someone who knows more and I know how to find her or him. I am a team player who thrives by connecting and collaborating. Through my work with the client and agency side and in academia, I have built an extensive network of talent to tap into to experiment, analyze, put insight in context, tell the story, learn and get the work done.

  • Fellow market research professionals and data analysts
  • Statisticians, mathematicians, econometricians and other “icians”
  • Graphic designers, visual artists, copy writers and story tellers
  • Interaction designers
  • IT & Data specialists
  • B2B and B2C Marketing Professionals
  • Business leaders and strategists
  • Coaches and moderators